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How it works...

It is best to book early to guarantee a spot for your newborn. I recommend booking during the second trimester, but, it's always worth reaching out anytime up to two weeks from birth to check on availability.

To reserve your due date, payment of the session retainer is required. Dates will not be held without payment. (Session retainer is non refundable). After you reserve your due date with the session retainer, you are in my calendar. About a month before your due date, I will send you a client guide containing detailed information about your session.

I MUST be notified the DAY your baby arrives. Babies arrive at random and despite only prebooking a certain number per month, there are times when all those babies decide to arrive at once. When parents wait for days after baby’s birth to notify me of baby's arrival, it makes scheduling your session within the very narrow newborn window extremely difficult. If you wait until your baby is several days old to contact me, there is a chance I will be unable to fit you in within the baby's two week window, and you may have to forfeit your session (even if you have prebooked).

I understand it is a very busy time. If you are unable to get to a phone or computer to contact me, please have a family member do so. I'm sure they will be thrilled to share the news. When you contact me to let me know the baby has arrived, I will give you a firm appointment date. It is best to have your baby's session on day seven, eight or nine. (Please note: Babies that require a trip to the NICU may be an exception to the maximum age rule. Please contact me to discuss it.)

A pre-session phone consultation is arranged after the baby arrives to discuss colors, and other details. Sessions are styled by the photographer. No particular shot, set-up, or pose is guaranteed as baby is boss, but I do my best to accommodate specific requests for package #3.

Sessions are held in my home studio in Bedford. The studio is kept at a balmy 29-30 degrees Celsius to keep baby nice and warm while in their birthday suit. I recommend dressing in layers so you can peel away the layers if you get warm (trust me, you will...I usually wear shorts when working...even in winter!). Babies have accidents. It is to be expected...and often makes for a good laugh. It does not bother me, everything gets washed and sanitized after a session. I provide props, wraps, bonnets, hats, floors, accessories, etc.

Newborn sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and typically last three-four hours, so please plan accordingly. You may want to pack yourself a lunch and snacks.  Enjoy the 'free' time to rest...I will not be offended if you nap!  Sometimes parents may be called upon to "work". Some poses require assistance from Mom or Dad as a spotter. Baby safety is ALWAYS number one in my studio.

Newborns are delicate and require my full attention, please make other arrangements for siblings during your newborn's session.

Other things to bring include a pacifier (even if your baby doesn't use one yet ~ I recommend the "Avent Soothie" brand all silicone soother), wipes and diapers, spare bottles and pumped breast milk or formula. (Babies eat MUCH more than they normally would at a session. It is completely normal.)  While nude photos are adorable and capture the essence of your newborn, nudity is not mandatory.

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“Shannon is incredible! She has an amazing talent with photography and also dealing with newborns! She is so patient and makes you feel extremely comfortable in her studio. Highly recommend her to any expectant Mama's to capture your baby's first weeks, you won't be disappointed!”
- angie glenn